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New York City mural at NYU Langone Medical Center


A site specific project designed to highlight a New York experience. A fantasy vision, based on the reality of New York City street scenes with varying perspectives, expressionistic colors also incorporating tattoo imagery such as hearts and roses, split-tail swallows carrying Dear John letters and other allegorical symbols.

Beginning in the Reception area with a 10’ by 30’ mural, the theme continues as a running narrative of over 85 images spread throughout the public corridors, waiting areas and staff offices. The 10’ dm. circular ceiling painting is designed to give the illusion of a skylight in the city. The Times Square/NYC theme was chosen to express the beauty that surrounds us from towering skyscrapers, bike messengers, skateboarders, pedestrians to the fire plugs and traffic lights. Designed to enhance one’s experience at NYUCSC with a positive and optimistic vision.

The title “I Like New York Because Everything Interesting Can Be Found There”, is derived from such disparate sources as Brooke Astor, who famously said she liked New York because " can get everything you want." to a Greek push cart vender, who, fedup with it all, moved back to his island of Keos to spend all day fishing in great weather surrounded by beautiful women. He was back in two weeks. When asked why, he thought for awhile then said "In New York you can buy anything you want late at night." And it is true. It's all here. You just have to look.

circular mural for cove ceiling

large format printed artwork for wall mounted mural

installing NYU Langone Medical Center mural

printing adhesive vynil for wall art

adhesive wall mural installation

applying adhesive vynil for cove ceiling artwork